• 29 Jul 2021
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Article Summary

Arcot for Merchants connects Merchants to the Arcot Network of Issuers to increase approvals.

Core benefits of Arcot for Merchants

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How Does It Work?

Arcot for Merchants (AFM) helps merchants and processors increase transaction conversion by taking a unique approach of connecting Merchants to the Arcot Network of Issuers and sharing intelligence to make faster, better decisions. AFM provides full visibility and control over all transactions and helps reduce friction, enhance risk-scoring and risk-based authentication that is fully compliant with EMV 3-D Secure (EMV 3DS), enabling you to maximize profitability.

Key Features and Benefits

AFM Component



Arcot API

Merchant API sends additional metadata including Third Party transaction data to Arcot issuers. Transactions are authenticated, signed and routed for authorization approval.

BENEFITSHigher approval rates

Issuer Risk Evaluation

Arcot routes transactions to issuers for authentication advice. Results are returned and included in the merchant decision.

BENEFITSEnhanced decisioning and control

3DS Server [3DSS]

3DS Server supports 3DS version 2.2.x and is compliant with PSD-2. It ensures compliance and liability shift for eligible transactions.

BENEFITSScheme and Industry Compliance e.g. FCA & PSD2

Exemption Engine

Support for specification and industry exemptions including delegated auth, TRA, trusted beneficiary.

BENEFITSMaximize frictionless customer experience

Programmable Rules Engine

Allows user to establish rules for approve, deny, challenge based on risk score.

BENEFITSFull merchant control of the transaction

Reporting Engine

User interface and API options for advanced reporting & analysis of transactions, fraud trends and customer journey.

BENEFITSFeedback loop for consistent performance improvement

Risk Scoring

Data science & analytics from unique industry team and team and dataset, scores transactions across both merchant and issuer models.

BENEFITSEnhanced customer experience and security across channels

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